Rise Of The Divine Feminine – In An Ancient Conqueror World

divine feminine

Who is the divine feminine of Planet Earth? Is she a petite wallflower or a woman of passion, integrity, and purpose?

The former is the illusion as her ancient ties to leadership prove different. This divine feminine has a sparkle from knowing she is a cosmic powerhouse. She is unmatched in her quest to defeat paradigms that depict her as submissive, silent, and a good wife who never questions her husband’s authority. This is not the modern mademoiselle who struts her diamante glitz with self-honor, self-respect, and love. The divine light, she carries like a torch beaming into the programs that had her quietened by men who feared her innate strength. Centuries of suppression have left a mark of abandonment as she trailed behind the masculine deemed the most powerful in the home and state affairs. A hangover from the Garden of Eden where Eve was portrayed as a temptress after eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and encouraging Adam to do the same. According to biblical scripture, God punishes Eve with the curse of painful childbirth for allowing the devil to tempt her, and on it goes as she carries the spirit of original sin if you care to believe in the religious storyline. Either way – the Eves of Planet Earth are the carriers of the masculine seed ensuring the continuance of the human race. A peculiar species that once revered women as warriors, leaders, and powerhouse allies of their male counterparts in ancient cultures.  For example, The Viking wife was strong in status and often a fearless warrior who could own property and choose a mate for life. The typical belief that women from earlier times were compliant and a shadow of their husbands’ importance is hardly true as we unveil the commanding influence many had on their families and communities in Greece and Egypt the land of the female pharaohs as the Egyptian Gods were male and female. The star on the red carpet of ancient Egypt is immortalized through Cleopatra the notorious Queen of the Nile whose leadership and affairs of the heart are glamorized as a woman who shone a light on female autonomy.

‘Cleopatra was a strategic femme not afraid to voice her political ideals or raise armies to maintain her rule’

This Eve of ancient Egypt was not above using her feminine charm, beauty, and intellect to gain traction and territory as a boss Queen with ambition. Her masculine and feminine side was uniquely balanced and an asset for her desire to remain separate from the Roman Empire’s stronghold while bringing riches to her people as a captivating Queen of purpose. Cleopatra’s spiritual zen was to Isis the mother Goddess of magic, love, and healing. She was the most worshipped icon in Egypt although Cleopatra also aligned with the ancient goddesses of Greece due to her Grecian heritage. The eloquent Empress of antiquity drew upon her yin (female)  and yang (masculine) expertise to invoke her manly essence with classy management skills aimed at creating friendships to promote and protect the supremacy of her beloved Egypt. Her masculine mystique was confident – authoritative and well-received by her Arabian trade partners and the Roman people who loved her even if the senate was not part of her fan club. Cleopatra was a Queen of accomplishment in a time of masculine dominance. A dynamic diva who used her feminine gifts to rule a nation of awe-inspiring pyramids and history as one of the earliest civilizations on Planet Earth. The feminine flower of Egypt understood her yin or femininity as a magnet for those she needed as allies. Her elusive beauty mesmerized a world and many men who became her consorts and confidantes in an environment of masculine prowess where she was smart enough to secure the support of those in high places. Her empathic heart won the love of her people as a personable Queen who was highly intelligent and multi-lingual. Cleopatra was no shrinking violet and was skilled in the art of diplomacy. Her yin and yang qualities were eloquently aligned to fulfill her role as Queen of a kingdom in an era of Roman influence. Her intuitive insights kept her one step ahead of the masculine game while being aware the chessboard was set up for her to fail as a woman ruling an ancient Empire.

‘Her astrological sign of Capricorn was a masterful mentor as this is a cardinal sign ensuring a birthright of conservatism – discipline and guardianship with a playful edge’

The stars collided when her soul reincarnated on Earth endearing her with the resilience needed to sustain her seat on the throne while showcasing her prowess as a commander worthy of worldly respect. So who is the modern-day Cleopatra? The powerful woman attuned to a leadership role as a corporate boss, environmentalist, savior of our beloved animals, or a political icon seeking equality in the workplace. Not a lot has changed since the rise to power of an Egyptian Queen who was constantly challenged by male chauvinism. This is an ongoing issue that sends shock waves through the workplace as women are considered inferior by masculines. A backlash to the ancient days of the warrior. A sentiment that saw men as the strength and some women more suited for childbearing and wifely duties. One can hardly blame the modern-day masculine for assuming a similar role when their ancestral programming is cloaked with machoism The new-age, awakened masculine knows how to harness their feminine (yin) allowing a deeper understanding of their female counterparts’ needs, wants, and desires. This gentile approach brings honor and respect to her role on a planet of astute sexism. As a gay female, I am sensitive to the plight of my heterosexual sisters in positions of power but not always honored for their leadership prowess. The world needs the softness women can emit and like Cleopatra call on their masculine side when needed to govern people in the workplace or nation with reverence and high regard for their unique input. A smart woman knows you get the best from people when they are inspired to give their best. Not from degradation often seen in boardrooms, factories, and offices led by men who deny the emotional self. A signature tune taught by fathers to their sons that men must be tough and never cry.

divine feminine

‘Imagine a planet where men and women are spiritually awake enough to align their yin and yang a Chinese system that defines a universe of contrast where all that exists has an opposing motif’

Like the sun has the moon and the day has the night. When harmony prevails the cosmos is in unity and the loyalty of cohesion brings a reliance to our lives. Not so for us humans who are often out of whack with our masculine and feminine sides. And why some men struggle to appreciate women as leaders in their own right. These masculine types are driven by their alpha characteristics and can be aggressive-controlling and use their external strength to gain power over others. However, the coin can flip as the Eves conspire with overbearing masculine traits to compete in what some consider a man’s world. And why some women become men to be taken seriously although we are an unforgettable force to be reckoned with. A marvel of nature and creation.  The divine feminine is a hallmark of truth, beauty, and amazement. She can walk the talk of wisdom while setting the trends in a designer dress fresh off the runway in Paris. Her sexuality may be gay, straight, or bisexual but her spirit is chic confidence. She takes her cues from intuition as she’s learned from experience her instincts are high-end. This a state-of-the-art femme who never second-guesses her choices or ability to make the hard calls. This girl is a spiritually awakened soul.  A contemporary Eve on Planet Earth with a sassy edge that qualifies her worth. An eternal salute to an infamous Queen of Egypt who turned heads with her design mode of attire. The world is a stage for the divine feminines ready to launch their brand of New Earth with elegance and grace knowing she has the credentials to make her mark in a 3-D realm. A Garden of Eden where the rise of the feminine has freed her from the temptress tag she attained many moons ago. This girl is divine and in touch with higher dimensions and consciousness.  A galactic gal who sees beyond the veil and knows this earth needs healing from the misadventure of humans who were careless with their cosmic home.

‘Mother Earth is weeping for the extinction of her animal wards as rainforests fall to the ground and habitats are wiped away for cities, towns, and livestock farming’

The irony is that wild animals are dying so land can be accessed for cattle that we consume.  Is it time for more feminine leadership as our world shatters like glass from the fallout of the masculine ego? For centuries men have ruled the planet and the suffering is proof something needs to change. Humanity needs to awaken to its role as custodians of Earth, a magnificently designed domain that houses a species that mistreats its residence. Cleopatra was a feminine Queen who built an Egypt where everyone thrived. Her feminine qualities of empathy, strategy, and emotional intelligence showcase how women can rule without gender bias and help rebirth this planet to a holistic New Earth theme. A land where wild animals run free and people feel safe in their homes and environment. Greed is replaced with sharing and love is the cornerstone of all interactions. It’s a massive task that entails a sentience of purpose and authenticity. A Shangrila where divinity reigns and the connection to source heals all wounds from conditions placed on our way of thinking throughout time. Have we been fooled into thinking that strife is our human rhythm? And that chaotic relationships are somehow the norm. We must lift our game and integrate our yin and yang so Earth reclaims its original plan. A place for souls to experience what it is to be human. Fall in love, travel the world, or live in the heart of the forest, if that is the experience to be learned. We can be free and joyful again for this is the wish of our creator who mastered unconditional love. A feeling of bliss that transcends the human condition of pain, prejudice, and hate. Let us walk through the jungle of our shame – lift this world and slowly begin again as divine masculine and feminine walking in their highest consciousness.  As divine diplomats of our universe, with unity love, and purpose.

‘Would peace prevail as the Adams lay down their swords? ~ The moment has arrived time for the conquerers to rest and honor the feminine as an ally of the New Earth’

Author ~ Linda E Cole (The Divine Feminine)