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modern goddess

‘Why is love so hard for so many in a world designed for the loving interaction of each other?’

The sweet symphony of love is revered in our Eden-themed home abundantly blessed with heartwrenching sunsets and moonlit nights. We are wired to fall in love with love a person who evokes the dream of an insanely perfect partnership—written in the cosmos and Akashic records, while blessed by the heavenly realms. A union of compatible souls destined to meet from past lives of togetherness and embellished by fairytales, films, and celebrities that shine their light on marital bliss making us believe we can have the same. Love is a chaotic mess of emotional bliss fostered by hormones that expand and heighten our belief we have found the one. A mystic force of nature sent from God to complete us. Whether it’s a destined soulmate or a karmic lesson giver, the connection is real and on cue for your climb through the trees to Nirvana.  That is if you know your spiritual stance in a programmed world or are following the lead of guardians who picture love as a sacrifice or compromise the moment they settle for an abusive mate who shatters their illusion of love. A sparkling essence of joy where heights of intimate, and sexual bliss can be attained in a co-creational partnership with loving intent and companionship. The dark side of love is showcased in the unions of pain where one or both partners are lost in a lake of illusion with elements of control — co-dependency — manipulation plus mental, emotional, physical, and financial abuse.

‘The list reads like a poem of heartbreak as these major players are consummated’

Where do we learn these dynamic dysfunctions? Are they the programs of our parents or from events that left scars of other people’s hurt?  Our world is derailed in the art of love with fake finessing of this insatiable need to be loved and love another. The message of adoration for another has a history of symbolism as the ancients installed programs to cull, love via arranged contracts last seen in Ancient Mesopotamia – Greece, Egypt, and Europe where women were chattels designed to procreate and be pleasing to their male counterparts. However, some were able to work and own property. The French Queen Marie Antoinette was paired with King Louis XVi as a political power play highlighting the matchmaking mania of parents seeking coalitions between families through the unions of their offspring. My heart bleeds with empathy for the ancient divine feminine who was sold to the highest bidder as a potential wife with no regard for her emotive, physical, or intellectual rights and needs. However, her prowess and ability to rise above the expected roles of housekeeper, mother, and wife manifested as goddesses and leaders in ancient Egypt allowing her to gain traction as a person of academic worth and status. Throughout time the illustrious divine feminine was under-studying the masculine unless she was rebellious enough to shine her light as the infamous Sappho did in her lesbian romantic writings and others whose artistic vibe or intellect could not be silenced.

‘In an ancient world seriously dominated by the masculine the divine bearers of life were sidelined by males who used ego to control and downplay her’

The origins of this thinking are not creational as love has an equality that surpasses the superiority of Adam as opposed to Eve’s servitude. Women were never intended to be slaves of the masculine who were blind to their strengths and scholarly divine femininity. Many ancient women were lesbian or bisexual in a land of male sovereignty. Their sexual preference was not considered only her ability to be a good wife and mother. The freedom to be whoever she wanted was denied unless she bucked the system and became the Queen of Egypt as did Cleopatra and Nefertiti. These ladies were out of tune in a society of conquering males but showcased their feminine power when called upon to rule with authority and reverence. The Empress of ancient times was a divine gift waiting to be discovered by masculines who were sensitive enough to see women as desirable, creative, smart, and imaginative. They were a sweet surprise from the universal realms with a talent sheet of nurture, empathy, and a high-tech intuition that sees into a soul without anyone saying a word.  Her mysterious mystique is harboring a secret awareness and if she is spiritual you can bet this divine priestess has climbed the ladder of consciousness with her eye on the Nirvana prize. The Goddess on her 5th-dimensional throne defies all early ideas that women were nothing more than a twinkle in the eye of ancient masculines.

‘One could be forgiven for thinking the males of earlier civilization had a narcissistic edge over women who probably wished they had been born a male with the same privileges and standing’

The Darwin evolution theory of the 19th century, which states that women are physically and intellectually less evolved than men, added fuel to the inferior fire and the way men valued us. The influence of this European naturalist had far-reaching effects on how the world viewed our place in the human pack. Whenever a strong-minded soul speaks their truth people tend to listen until a louder voice speaks a new truth, and the original thinking no longer holds credence. The meaning of love has many voices including the ancient’s awareness of the affection felt between family, friends, lovers, and the unconditional love of God. A universal sentiment that weaves a powerful thread through many different religions and spiritual ideals. The love of creation is free and easily accessed by opening your heart to the infinite benevolence of its eternal light. The divine daughters of Eden are carriers of unconditional love expressed through their children and in the arms of a lover whether they be same-sex or heterosexual. Lesbian and bisexual women are the beauty of a divine who saw their suffering when society slandered them with pitchforks not unlike their ancient sisters who were dishonored by men with no understanding of their showstopper worth.

‘Women have endured the wrath of men and risen to assert themselves in the most commanding and benevolent way’

Sadly there are still males who abuse her divine heart with their dominant presence on Earth. A planet where souls have forgotten we are a collective of creation and in conscious unity with each other. Wars begin when men require relevance and discard consequence as women weep for their sons, fathers, and husbands, caught in the crossfire. As women, we are aware of this conquering illusion and know we must evolve to retain our earthly home. Our patterns of aggression are written in our DNA and soul genetics. How long can we endure the density of destruction that plagues a disconnected world? Love dies with every action of cruelty, chaos, and conflict. When man lights the match of dissension we connect with pain, hate, and fear. Emotions that break the bond between source and man. We live in a landscape of triggers from unhealed wounds and trauma. A condition that haunts our ability to feel joy.  We have over time acquired programs of brokenness and non-acceptance for how some choose to love. This can be same-sex relationships or unorthodox partnerships like polyamory where two or more people engage in a union of romantic closeness. Our patterns of bias hinder growth and a belief in togetherness and teamwork. What if we saw differently? Flipped the script with a softening of judgment for those who walk to a drum beat that may differ from ours.

‘Thousands of years ago women were viewed as extensions of men while today they shine their light from an authentic stance of purpose’

This storyline is not perfect as women are still in places where their rights are diminished and coming out as a lesbian may see you imprisoned or worse. Life as a divine feminine is a tightrope of old and new ideals with programs ingrained in her psyche of remembrance. As women, we have all felt the constraints of the past and how men interpreted us. Even gay females know the message of ancestral patterns that saw our mothers and grandmothers in expectant roles. Often governed by religion and long-held beliefs that women were simply caretakers of the family home. This calls for a more loving approach to the feminine’s needs as a wife and mother who climbs the career ladder to success and shines in politics, the judicial system, or the running of an entire country. Even so, the ancients come to haunt when men disrespect her standing as the matriarch of femininity. These men are remnants of a lost era that were blinded to her talents and offered abuse instead of love — a master class on Planet Earth where the blasphemy of Eve is visible in heterosexual and homosexual partnerships. People meet and through attraction form unions they hope will be everlasting even though their parents may have instilled programs of violence, narcissism, and manipulation.

modern goddess

‘A common dynamic in a world where love is the currency of pain instead of high-vibrational soul connections that endorse each other’s desire to do love right’

And that takes a Nirvana fusion of requited compatibility. An alliance of same-sex and heterosexual souls forged in the fire of love as twin souls or high-level soulmates awaken to their authentic purpose as power couples destined to enlighten a world. They have learned the karmic lessons often laden with partnership dysfunction. It doesn’t have to be this way but women are still unraveling the patterns of low ranking by unawakened men. In parts of the globe, women are enjoying the freedom to be whatever they choose and may hold themselves back due to the conditioning of their historic feminine stance. Indeed, we are inundated with messages that deny our highest, empowered worth — a blind spot with men who still see us as the weaker sex. The feminine of the future will be spiritual and aware she is authentic and in harmony with her internal self. Her aura will light up any space as her magnetism will draw partners who align with her fabulous feminine power. A salute to her willingness to step into her true self with no compromise or compliance. This dame of divinity knows that her heart is open and intimate, while intuitively discerning those who would dim her showstopper light. For this gay, bisexual, or heterosexual Eve has discarded programs that made her meek and small as she compromised her deepest thoughts, values, and principles. That is until she could no longer deny she was more than others expected of her.

‘The feminine of the ages had little say and carried passivity in her genetics and DNA’

Through grandmothers and mothers who were conditioned in much the same way,  We have endured patterns of masculine and same-sex abuse — an ongoing saga and segregation of the sexes on Planet Earth. If modern-day masculines can exude their divine qualities and feminine qualities do the same, we can evolve from the conquering attitude of some men over their female counterparts. They will then acknowledge their creational role as men of authority who do not wield or misuse power at the expense of others while ensuring safety for the Eves of Earth with internal strength and tenderness. The feminine will be receptive to a man who is empowered with an understanding their wife, girlfriend, mother, or sister has dreams and desires of her own. The future masculine will embrace their yin and yang in all areas of life forging a man of honor and action with the emotive intelligence to see the powerhouse attributes of a divine feminine and integrate their divine traits with her soul’s wants, needs, and desires. These are the top-gun counterparts in same-sex or heterosexual partnerships aware the old ways have not worked. This world needs innovation in relationships for humanity to transcend the misinterpretations of the past. The true nature of love as a cosmic force of creation will inherit the conditioned vision we have lived by as wounds are healed and intellect is actioned for the betterment of all humans.

‘We are on the precipice of bravery and the wanting to shift the patterns of lifetimes that have held us hostage in our imprisoned minds’

Now the glass ceiling is shattered we can see the error of our misguided ways as narcissism holds court with its contrast to love, compassion, and caring nurture. Without love, there is suffering, an epidemic crushing our high-frequency joy like an anti-love signature of low vibration. We must lift our game and pull back the curtains of passive acceptance. Our voices count and it’s time to be heard where there is action paralysis. My heart is open to change and the reinvention of life as we know it. Our patterns are a permanence that needs revising through deep introspection and a willingness to shed the old for the new. And that means letting go of what we know and having the guts to walk through the storms of resistance. Whenever change is desired a revolution begins as the caterpillar becomes a butterfly and humanity is set free. Free of past thinking. ideals and programs that deny our peace and potential. I am a spiritual lesbian who is awake and aware we have trapped our progression as a species capable of immense growth. We action from learned systems that need an update, and repeat the words of others instead of authentically speaking our own. The rise of the showstopper feminine as a modern goddess of wisdom and love brings hope to a globe lacking the gallantry to shift its conflicting perspective. Her light will encourage her masculine or same-sex partner to join her on the podium of a New Earth template — a prophecy of a ‘Relationship Nirvana’ and unconditional love.

‘Arise, Divine  Feminine, your chariot awaits ~ From the Eve of the ancients to a showstopper Modern Goddess ~ A woman of worldly worth’

Author ~ Linda E Cole (The Divine Feminine)