LGBT Astronauts – Explorers Of Gay Love


‘The lesbian light of love shines through many of us who feel the call of the spirit as we wine and dine our female friends in the art of romance knowing this is who we are and where we fit in the world’

LGBT Astronauts are the explorers of gay love and here on Planet Earth to shift the conditioned thinking that different is too alien to accept. My mission is to awaken humanity to the beauty of their uniqueness as I embrace reincarnation and the pizazz to showcase my emotive, esoteric nature in the sun sign of Virgo. I also encompass fire aspects that spark my passion for writing, singing, and delivering content to showcase our authentic selves. The blueprint of a soul’s desire to walk this earth with adventurous intent while deflecting the whispers of influence. These were our parents – people of sway and leaders we thought knew more than us. That is until we learned our teachers were human and influenced by others in the same way we were, like sponges soaking up the collective rhetoric. No one said it would be easy to be quirky, and unusual on a planet where people often follow the crowd and may see my sexuality as an affront to their God. It’s all about the experience and souls love to learn and grow.  Like a spiritual astronaut, I seek the unknown, the black holes of human meaning. A cosmic riddle to be solved.

‘I believe in an Emperor of reincarnation while many worship a mainstream religion of God’

That is my prerogative and the free will to embrace my personal beliefs. Humanity has a fear of the unfamiliar. The ones that speak loudly about off-beat ideals. This is the philosopher’s voice seeking answers to questions some would rather not ask. We are the explorers who came to change the frequency of this 3-D world. Some of us are star seeds on a mission to awaken this earth. No one said it would be easy to put a dent in the way things are and the programs played out for centuries to defer spiritual growth  For many, this is a comfortable setting where life evolves at a seasoned pace. A mindset where prejudice is highly favored. The God I believe in loves me regardless of my lesbian stance as I love me for the bravery to salute who I am. A woman of conscience who sees our world falling apart. The animals are bleeding from their hearts while our planet is heaving under the weight of our indecision about who the hell we are. I am here to highlight the purpose of difference as history repeats its never-ending message of compliance. I have experienced the controlling need of another to change who I am. Still, to no avail, as I am an emissary of the divine who sees their offspring through the eyes of love, A love so eloquent it defies the desecrations carried out on Planet Earth. A globe of troubled calm where humans flounder in the waters of pain, wounding, and trauma.

‘God sees in me a loving heart a light that shines brightly into the hearts of others and feels their joy as if it were her own’

I am in alignment with creation and its cruising cosmic wheel. An invention of soul genius from a consciousness of pure bliss. We can all tune in and feel the magic of this grandiose love that doesn’t cost a thing only a willingness to let God in. It’s our birthright from a royal line. An ancient DNA of majesty and mystique.  We are divine envoys here to open the eyes of humanity to truth. Souls may choose to be curious or walk the party line. A steadfast system that engulfs the warrior who came for the soulful ride but got entangled in the matrix flow of a controlling world. A sphere of indifference, apathy, and bias to unusual humans. As a spiritual lesbian, I see LGBT kids abandoned and broken by parents who believe in a conditional God. They are then forced to walk alone on a planet that defiles same-sex relationships. This is not the best news for a young lesbian breaking away from a family who dishonors her lesbian or bisexual dream. She may quit and comply but this shoots holes in the belief we can live a lie without consequence. Many have tried knowing there would never be happiness until they abandoned the judgment of others. An age-old issue that plagues our sun-kissed home where love is super-restrictive. Life will never be the same for this orphan of exclusion.


‘A black sheep ordained by family as not acceptable in her true authentic self’

This young lesbian now has to face a world without the support of her bloodline as family ties are severed. My heart cries for these souls brave enough to shine their lesbian or bisexual light only to have it dimmed by their closest allies who could not find it in their hearts to accept their beloved daughter’s sexuality. A free-will choice to love another girl’s romantic heart. instead, they are broken and fragmented by the choices made. She is gay and not likely to shift this belief. When faith in God is chosen over a daughter who is coming out as a gay female we deny the unlimited love that God inspires and the free will to be whatever the soul decides. A Lightbody traveler who sees the shadow of mankind when wars rage against differing religious factions –same-sex marriage — the color of my brothers and sisters’ skin and culture. Legions of souls feel the sting of this contrast as hurtful and cruel by demoralizing acts of bias and ill-will. LGBT astronauts are here to stay and unless there is a worldwide ban on being gay, will merge into communities they share with heterosexual singles, families, and couples. There are neighborhoods where only gays live but I prefer the concept of integration as building blocks for the fellowship of gays and people who embrace classic male-female partnerships.

‘Separatism is a blight on our ability to accept others as they are and why gay villages are formed so gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual souls can love in harmonic peace without fear of condemnation or abuse’

The split in the ranks of human acceptance is at an all-time high as we continue to reject the unorthodox. What if we banished bias and chose to love more than hate? Our auras would be serene and our homes filled with creational light. In an ambiance of pain, we wither and die like our animals — soon to be a memory of their lives in the wild. We can ignite our intellect to flip the script of disinterest on Planet Earth. A cosmic assignment for those here to awaken the world.  A shrine where abuse thrives in relationships, habitats, our beloved animals, and all that reside here. It’s never too late to alter our thinking and heal what is broken. I came to make ‘being different fabulous’ as history repeats its never-ending message of compliance. Carried out on Mother Earth the glittering prize when we align with our purpose through the medium of creation. Some say this is a fairy tale, and rightfully so as survival in this 3-D mansion is often harsh when wars spark the need to control and acquire others’ space and liberty. Where is love in a human that fires the gun of heartbreak?

Are we a species destined to belittle love in the name of arrogance as we light the torches of homophobia?

Our mortal light dims from the inside out when love is discarded in the name of homophobic fear. An emotive force that resides in the hearts of humans rigid in their beliefs.  A mindset that renders gays, clairvoyants, and those who intuit with tarot cards unlovable by the religious sanctity of God. Are we breeding a culture of love as a privilege depending on how far you stray from the zone of normality? A well-endorsed pattern with racial misdemeanors encouraged by our pioneers of racism and the human court of God. A jury of accusers who saw their intolerance as just. In doing so the door to love was locked for centuries of adversity and death in the corridors of earthly shame. Love is the fabric that makes us human enough to feel conscience when we hurt someone and empathy when another’s life is harmed. When love ‘dies in the hearts of man’ our world is laced with malice toward other humans. It is then man takes a gun and fires the bullet of bias. A familiar response as prejudice holds the space of love. An essence so pure it defies labels. When devoid of it we feel the grief of its loss through broken partnerships and banishment for being gay. It’s a fractured world when love is carelessly forsaken.


‘We are often defined by who we choose to love even though the soul is genderless and devoid of discrimination’

The soul is here to study the intricacy and intimacy of human life and feel into every experience gaining awareness and enlightenment. The secret is to accept the pilgrimage and not be pulled off the path like humans who become fearful they will be critiqued for their gay or lesbian sexuality. Breathing in your authentic light is a curiosity as others wonder how you conquer the doubters just being yourself. It is a strong will that counteracts the beatings of a biased world but this is how we integrate our differences with the human race. It’s not the fault of those who are staunch in their blatant gay dislike. There are centuries of disbelieving in a gay way of life  I am a divine feminine lesbian who knows the dark of humankind, through wars against religious factions or gay and lesbian choices in love. Life is often a game of chance when the message of free will is lost amidst a desire to alter another person’s perception of themself. Allowing others to live their utmost truth brings camaraderie and love to every encounter with other souls on earth. This expands the conscious intent to hold space for every human’s right to walk their autonomous walk.

‘Imagine a world where the masks are off as people of all nations live by their unique code of truth with acceptance for those whose truth may differ from ours’

It’s a travesty that love is conquered by the appearance of an LGBT astronaut here to explode her divine uniqueness onto the terra firma of Earth. A platform where love is interpreted in so many ways and often in contrast to the learned patterns of life. These have been entrenched in our psyche for eons and expanded upon as we have evolved.  However, the veil has indeed lifted for many moms and dads who are awakened enough to support their kids on an LGBT pathway. A trek through the inequity of those who see only a heterosexual world where Adam meets Eve in a marriage of Godly covenants. All partnerships are relevant when love is the source whether it be straight or gay in a same-sex relationship. I am a reincarnated soul on a nomad journey of growth, curiosity, and spiritual empowerment. Being a gay female adds flavor to the resume I am building from one incarnation to the next. It’s a rodeo ride through storms of suppression showered upon us from institutions that deliver a sermon of contempt for anyone daring to build a contrasting consciousness One that has no barriers only a sense of compassion and goodwill to all who inhabit this 3-D of differing viewpoints.

‘Sometimes we stumble.  Sometimes we fall ~ Sometimes we slip through the cracks of our intolerance’

Author ~ Linda E Cole (The Divine Feminine)