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New Earth

Lesbian Empress

‘I often think if you want to change the world you need the guts to be the change’

That means living on purpose while following your inner guidance and radiating your authentic light. I am aware as a lesbian not everyone will align with my acceptance but are confidently in tune with who I am and my allegiance to a spirituality that allows me to reincarnate as a feminine who chooses a woman as her honorable mate. Being glamorously gay is my good fortune as it has enabled a life of exploration in a 3-dimensional world that is conflicted and seriously biased. I was built for the challenge and embraced my position with integrity, love, and a desire to unravel the code of fear programmed into many humans that being gay is defective or too difficult to comprehend. Centuries of religious misinformation that it’s not okay to love god whether you are a lesbian or gay man have caused the most insane division similar to attitudes about color and cultural differences. We coexist on a planet lost in the cosmos but instead of coming closer, we have drifted apart using a global frame of mind that unity is a pipe dream and not practicably attainable. The problem is from day one we soak up the opinions of others and these deeper views get cemented into the psyche where they have no relationship to our authentic values. We are literally trained not to think for ourselves but continue the themes of our forefathers who may have sidelined their truth and left the analysis to the philosophers of the time. The puppet master is evident in our societal conditioning as humans spin the words of others and deny their own virtue to stay one of the crowd. A loaded base of communities or groups who share a universal theme or perspective. Within these walls are souls who want to belong so forsake their integrity for the ideals of others.

‘This abandonment of the self is abundant in all sectors and how the stronger force can lead the rest to disown their authentic mindset’

It’s a shutdown process that lets the leaders create followers who will agree by default with the person in charge. This is how our world has become so damn segregated as an amplified voice has the backup of others to reinforce their viewpoint. When we consciously choose to divert our power knowing it is out of whack with our core belief our defection to self is the outcome. This would be like denying my sexuality in favor of being straight and accepted by the church and those who do not adhere to my guise as a lesbian. This is a ‘no can do’ for me as I am 100% in sync with the who of me and prepared to walk through a world with restrictive reasoning. I am also a non-conformist with love at the heart of her connections. There are all kinds of relationships that work beautifully including polyamory a union with more than two people whether they be same-sex or heterosexual. The tightened grip on how a relationship should look cause many folk to keep theirs covert to avoid the insidious pressures people can place on those who dare to be different. I have no judgment and a rare openness to all visions of romantic love while preferring the sacred purity of soulmate unions. This is a New Earth spirit which is who I am and welcome the call of this visionary way to live. And where divinity would be re-instated as our link-back to the source of all life. Here people of Eve-inspired earth will unleash their gifts, and talents with their souls activated to live on purpose and create a pathway of peace.

New World

Same-Sex Love

‘I am that girl who understands she has a role to play in this discerning world of minimal tolerance as an ambassador of sexual contrast’

As a gay female, I am not necessarily in opposition to a heterosexual woman except for who I pick as a romantic partner. The similarities far outweigh the difference which still stands as a talking point for a sector of this world who are stuck in a conditioned religious groove. It may seem hard to envision a planet of equitable interactions as we are now in a sea of separatism. Where the doors are shut as people feel paranoid about epidemics, crime, and a growing belief the world is not safe. The solution is an earth of allied consciousness. A land of plenty that provides for all and disables human islands that exist in their aloneness. Trust has been lost in our leaders, family units, and our ongoing human survival. It’s a dog-eat-dog scenario imploded by negative media and programs designed to draw blood to gain ratings. Our world is in distress and the tears of Mother Earth are trickling through the eyes of those who feel the heartbreak of abused animals and humans. In a New Earth, the way we relate is with empathic maturity. And with the knowledge, we hail from a divine origin. Mankind is stuck in the mud of stubbornness instead of opting for unity and awareness.

‘This is the beauty of walking arm in arm with divinity like a child with a caring parent’

The moment my eyes could see I was given the gift of Godly sight and from there my journey has been an interplay of child-like discovery. Even though science is searching for proof of our creator’s existence humanity has turned away from the source that manifested our earthly home. Literally, speaking science deals with the facts and is trying to understand how God created a universe that shelters planets, star systems, and black holes. From a creational standpoint, it also supports spirit guides, angels, and elementals. Subjective themes are recorded as myths or fabled entities. Science and religion are akin to the ‘clash of the Titans’ with each side holding space for a correlation between the two. Where science once considered the universe an explosive happening they now think the cosmos could have a purpose. They also have discovered a unique code in our DNA some call the ‘language of God.’ This is a game-changer. Did the source leave a signature of divinity within our genetic code and is our life a soul journey of purpose? We are a species forged by our unique talents and following our dream-like passions. We are on a soul quest to touch the heart of Nirvana. The same could be said for the cosmos where the planets play their influential roles such as retrogrades often negated by science as the trick of an eye.

‘The planets are consistent players in our soul and human odyssey’

They assist our earthly purpose with an astrological chart that determines our time of birth and what sign the planets were in when our souls became human. My chart is laden with a fiery edge in Leo and Sagittarius, solid earth in Capricorn and Virgo plus ethereal water in Pisces and Scorpio. With a sharp mindpower of logical air in Libra and Aquarius. This soul-guided blueprint inspires my life purpose and the reason I came here as a woman of difference. In fact, a divine lesbian whose mission is to enlighten the people of earth about choices in sexuality. This I credit as a woman carrying her gay torch of honor, I am delighted to share my path with all people on earth, especially those who struggle with a religious-based idea that heterosexuality is the only way to romantically love another soul. Who we sexually align with is a thorn in the side of those who follow the doctrine that same-sex lovemaking is a sin. I find this a cloaked ideal that relies on a God of judgment. When at the core of most religions’ teaching is the mantra of free will. It seems to me that freedom of choice comes with conditions here on earth. And disallows each person the right to decide how they interpret their vision of God. My divine purpose is imprinted with prejudice a dominant vice in many religious texts. Ironically Jesus was a man of unique ideals so paid dearly for his message of love in a past world of animosity, injustice, and racism.

New Earth

Age Of Aquarius

‘I can see how many stoic institutions are pillars of apparent righteousness and unbendable in their stand against psychics, gays, and people of magic’

There is a similar sentiment for a god who co-creates and aligns with the process of reincarnation. This stands in opposition to many religious beliefs. And for others is the true path to enlightenment. In the halls of ancient religion, the New Earth may be considered a revolutionary idea. But I say no as the bible refers to a new creation or the Garden of Eden where harmony will prevail. In fact, what some consider to be the book of life makes reference to a union between heaven and earth.  And where God is no longer out in the cold and instead immortalized as the cosmic father of humanity. While chaos and uncertainty thrive on Planet Earth the halo of a utopia brings hope to this Lesbian Empress; Knowing all choices in sexuality will be liberated as a variance of how to love. We are an intelligent race of beings who tend to negate their highest good. It’s like we know there are better ways to live but is often blind to the obvious. We know time is ticking as Mother Earth begs for a reprieve in the dark light of narcissism. A version of an ‘old world tyrant’ who seeks to gain by shutting off the very elements that make us human. Like empathy, remorse, self-responsibility, and conscience when accountable for actions they feel justified to make. This person is not in touch with their soul or source, our divine architect.

‘The auric nature of earth has a dark side and it deepens as loneliness strangleholds our natural need for love and companionship’

The impending doom of isolation has a fallout and that is the creation of people operating from a place of complete self with no regard for another’s needs or happiness. The New Earth is the assimilation of people into a network of caring togetherness. An arena of supportive living where those who have been cast out are welcomed. In a community of similar ideals and desire to furnish a brave new world. Free of the ways that kept us scaffolded by programmed mentality. We have caused a suicide leap in our very existence as resources are under pressure including food, energy, and water due to our denial that the earth can withstand our constant demands. When the great conjunction between the two major planetary players (Jupiter and Saturn) aligned in the astrological sign of Aquarius back in December 2020. Many believed the foretold ‘Age of Aquarius’ had begun. No one can entirely agree if this is true or if we are still in the end days of the Piscean age. A time of tradition, religion, and escapism synonymous with the shadow side of Piscean traits. The innovative theme of Aquarius brings a lighter feeling of freedom and a willingness to choose spiritual ideals such as reincarnation and the journey of the soul. Aquarius denotes the liberty of inflexible thinking and celebrates the eccentric in relationships and ways of living a life. Is the coming together of Jupiter and Saturn in the revolutionary motif of Aquarius a teaser of what’s to come? We are in for a fun ride as the sign of Aquarius is a rebel with a cause. Ready to shake up archaic rules and rigidity. And that’s being credible and a softening of the bias toward people who flouted conservatism by being openly gay or psychic and practicing new-age spirituality in a time of religious dominance. Some could say we are at the precipice and the changing of the guard as the flag flies at half mast for the transition to an Aquarian age.

‘The prophecy of a New World  or Shangrila has long been considered an end to the world as we know it’

In a brave New Earth, our relationships will be customized and contemporary. Embodying a new age of intimacy where partners portray a sacred mode of divinity.  A plant-based diet will ensue as animals roam freely without fear of their own demise to feed the masses. There will also be less reliance on the religious modem that suffering is equated with Christ on the cross. As a New Ager, I align with a co-creational source or divine that governs an expansive universe. My goal is pure growth, which accumulates through my vast life experiences. And the contrasting situations that arise from the script I wrote to be played out on earth. It is a journey of valor and hardship. A soul’s desire to catch the falling star of higher consciousness. I also feel the calling of a New World where humanity has embraced its failings. This means an agreeance with same-sex relationships and the freedom to be bisexual, transgender, gay, or lesbian without the harsh light of repetitive thinking. Namely from the halls of religion where being gay is seen through the stained glass windows as a wrong to be made right. That is often through therapy that reshapes the mind of those who showcase same-sex love. The battle of human difference is sliding into a well of discrimination. The only way out is consummate change. Sadly we are a race that holds tight to the past until the choice is made to transform and that takes movement. The kind that demands our world be revamped to a model of compassion. Only then will the welcome sign be out as we build a viable New Earth. An Eden that is practical and sustainable with a vision of cooperative love, acceptance of spiritual choices, sexuality, and freedom to speak one’s truth. This is not an impossible dream.

‘It is when mankind sees their demise the New Earth will rise’

Author ~ Linda E Cole (The Divine Feminine)

Survivng My Soul Lessons On Earth As A Gay Female





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