Legendary Lightworkers – Soldiers of Ascension


‘Welcome to the greatest show on Earth’

A cosmic interplay of stars, planets, and movements that inspire spectacular growth. Creation is the vision of a maestro whose music is the breath of life. A mystery and a force to be reckoned with as every planet, moon, and sun movement is tethered to the expansiveness of our conscious thought, The higher we go the more we know as we see beyond the clouds and become awakened through our enlightening experiences as a soul in human form. Not everyone will resonate with this creation thinking except those who intuit we are here to ascend the programs of a Magician Earth. A place where influence has decided the code of life through religious text and leadership roles honored by the masses. Since the birth of man, our faith has been modified by those around us and their innate ideals. The more powerful became rulers and benevolently or not commanded their followers to honor and abide by their rhetoric— forming collectives or civilizations. These were earlier gatherings inspired by the spirit of camaraderie and community plus a sense of safety and economy.  Many looked to the stars for answers to their human origins. From this came an array of religions or worship of idols each reflecting the cosmos and the environment they perceived as a celestial home. Mankind had arrived and Mother Earth welcomed her companions with an open heart and optimism. Creation had sent souls disguised as humans on a mission of higher intention through the art of reincarnation. Not all will agree with this life-birthing theme and there are numerous interpretations of our genesis written in books that date back thousands of years. It all comes down to what you believe and many versions are circulating to confuse the most intelligent human scholars. A precarious journey through the forest of truth and programs endorsed by ancestors who were adamant they knew who God was and what was expected of us.

‘A  foundation of the church was built although nations had differing views’

God was installed as the creator of humans as wars raged in a battle of preference and supremacy. Mainstream religion now dominated the earth discarding earlier leanings to reincarnation while dismantling cultural and tribal beliefs in deities, Gods, and Goddesses. The premise of an unconditionally loving God set the stage for witch hunts in the late 1600s while constant rifts between religions have blurred the landscape of creation’s epic stance of free will. The right to choose your lover, purpose, value, principle, and choice of religion. The bloody coup of Godly history sees the pure light of divinity bleeding on the cross of conflict—-as the flames of faith ignited. It’s a cold war battle for the rightful God to take the throne. Is it achievable? Could nations agree to relinquish theirs in favor of a new mainstream faith based on the recycling of life known as reincarnation? The journey of a soul experiencing life as a woman or man? Or will we continue themes of sameness and accept commands of religious ethics we may not even agree with especially if we are gay lesbian or psychic? To be fair the church doors are a jar but still, the message is clear. God does not favor those who have divine superpowers or embrace same-sex love.  Some say that God has nothing to do with religion and that man invented the word of God on Earth. However, you look at it the influence of God’s word is an interpretation of human belief and self-reflection as we search for God within ourselves. A journey of depth and courage if we feel the call to a Divine not honored in certain quarters of the world.  My valor chooses reincarnation as the mirror of my soul. A castaway in this 3-D maze of truths and plenty of mistruths sold to us by leaders and influencers who enforce their memo of dysfunction on Planet Earth. A caricature of intense emotions that stir the soul to experience the most extravagant scenarios laced with a desire to learn.


‘Souls are not afraid to flex their creational muscles by choosing life with a missionary goal’

They may come to innovate a New Earth or paint a picture of unity in a divided globe of infinite potential. Time has hindered our growth beyond the status quo as rebel souls dare to inspire the masses with words not commonly heard. Cries of crazy are the norm as the soldiers of the New Earth bring their brand of higher consciousness to those enmeshed in the matrix magnetism. A system of power and programming stoic in expression and expectation. A far cry from a soul-based society where the awakened form a holy bond with angels and spirit-guide helpers. Dutifully assigned to support souls with high-level growth. An evolving stance of enlightenment. Thinking is crystal clear as we intuit the falsity of our world and light codes from heaven pierce our conditioned hearts and the lost years of misguided beliefs. We are now free to be authentic. Reaching deep to find our truth. We are not a clone of societal command but a soul of past life significance here to spotlight the dark and its hold on our planetary home. The word is out. Ascension is real and the way forward from the pits of hellish ideals where souls are up for sale and love is mistaken for control, manipulation, and abuse. Getting closer to God is not an elitist allowance from the global stages of religion. It is an open door to everyone regardless of color, gender, culture, or gay sexuality. The divine has no bias only humans are prejudiced and that tells the story of a creator whose frequency is love. Not conditional as we see in relationships or judgment of gays and those who can read the future.  We are legendary lightworkers stationed for the 5-D uprise of awareness. The internal versus external as we go inward to find our soul and our source counterpart.

‘A creator of charisma and consciousness guiding us through the storm to Nirvana’

Now we are awakened— a light worker force of nature and that can be as a spiritual lesbian with an empathic starseed heart here to assist the soldiers of New Earth.  It’s all hands on deck as the old order makes way for a community of free-thinkers or philosophers of the new age. This is the era of enlightenment. A conscious awareness of how we were mechanized to play out compliance roles in robot mode without questioning whether it fulfilled our dreams, goals, and desires. We compromised in love, liberty, and our core values. A succession of trade-offs filtered our heart-felt ideals to align with the crowd or general thinking held by family, friends, lovers, and leaders. The ancestral line of humanity was ignited by the match of similarities and anyone who dared to say or be different was called out and set apart from the collective. This was the plight of gays when religion sold their story as a curse on the word of God. A heavy cross to bear and contrary to the empathy shown by Jesus Christ for the outcasted lepers. Christ’s open-hearted love was unconditional and did not differentiate between people’s status, gender, or political rank. Jesus was a divine diplomat and emissary of creation ordained to dispel the great divide of difference. The light of God shone brightly on this man’s mission who came in a time of limited beliefs and restriction. It’s not dissimilar to now as we walk a thin line between war, love, and hate with dictators frothing at the bit while humanity feels the unease. The new Christs on Earth are the lightworkers dedicated to enlightening a world of divine disconnection. Like Jesus, our words are devalued as we bring news of the Aquarian Era of Light. A prophesized event following the Pisces Era of control, and castration of self. The burst of Aquarian air energy brings a fresh outlook of freedom and innovation backed up by a review of how we blaspheme our neighbors for their contrasting beliefs, sexuality, and religious perspectives.


‘It is also an opportunity for more unorthodox ideas, which can be relationships that don’t fit the norm or lifestyle choices that invigorate our sense of well-being physically and emotionally’

The dark aura of abuse has plagued our planet for too long demanding a refreshed attitude to healthier interactions and education that inspires knowledge of our human failings so we can become whole and healthy. Mainstream religion will feel the push of spiritual practices that promote the view of our internal, meditative self.  Love will be a household word and openly felt as the cool winds of Aquarius shift the illusion of how we interpret love. Partnerships with high-frequency matches will amplify the alliance of high-level soulmates and twin souls as divine fairy dust showers Earth with a template of 5th-dimensional love in its purest form. The divine feminine will anchor the New Earth with her life-bearing nurture, compassion, and love. These divas of the divine are here to awaken us to the pillars of conscious awareness. Only if we are willing to shake off past programs and see beyond the fantasia mirage. We have been living a war-like existence and the suffering is evident. Our animals are in a crisis of neglect as are our children and women in narcissistic/abusive situations. When we step into the arena of change we are the awakened versus the unawakened.  A pedestal of perception and light bulb moments as our eyes open to who we are and the darkening world we live in. A monolith that runs on antiquated programs of force and repression.

Our planet has been governed by leaders with a messiah complex or desire to be God on earth’

Since dancing with dinosaurs man has felt a sense of elevation and importance that grew to an ego and then a wanting to rule over the dominion of human and animal lives. Conflict ensued as humans competed for the right to rule Earth. An ongoing battle of darkness and light that threatens to destroy the connection between God and man. Lightworkers are the SAS souls of source here to assist humanity in a quest for the promised land. A cosmic New Eden where the children of the light will herald in the loving consciousness of Christ on a planet that has held humanity hostage in systems of fear, shame, and low vibration. Our birthright is one of high frequency and phenomenal powers degraded by religious and high-ranking humans who kept us small and unaware of our origins or Godly purpose. We have become sidelined by external voices that choose fights with other nations and detach with complacency that we can do nothing but observe. The truth is we are a collective with the power to energetically shift Earth’s aura from dark into lightness—chaos into calm. We have become bystanders separated from God and each other. The secret is in our unity as we awaken to a world of corrupted ideals. We are not sheep to be herded but empaths, star seeds, and intuitively enhanced souls holding the light for heaven on earth. A vision of beauty, depth, and transparency governed by universal law and integrity. The legendary lightworkers are the ringmasters of a spiritual age. A manifestation of peace and fellowship for all to embrace as we re-learn to live from the heart in high-frequency love.

‘Hail the New Earth ~ The Aquarian Era of light ~The Soldiers of Ascension ~ Legendary Lightworkers of high-frequency love’

Author ~ Linda E. Cole (The Divine Feminine)









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