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The Divine Lesbian Feminine

The Divine Feminine

‘The Divine Lesbian Feminine’

I am a Kiwi lesbian who awakened to her spiritual truth, after facing many life challenges. I knew from a very early age I was different, as I felt comfortable around females and growing up was not that interested in dating boys. I tried but they were really only friends, as I felt no physical or deeper attraction. In saying this, for a time it was an enigma why I married a close male friend, I was in a band with. Now I get this was a place of emotional safety I did not feel in my original home life. Companionship was the need that allowed a union while music was the passion that bound us. The marriage subsequently ended and I was finally free to be my authentic, gay lesbian self. This was my personal liberation from trying to conform or fit in. I knew in my heart this was the right path for me when I fell in love and set up a house with the bisexual girl of my dreams. Sadly fate was about to deal a savage blow as not long into this relationship, I was pursued by a man who considered being gay a phase and not actually a way of life. It was also clear he believed that women who professed to be gay, had simply not met the right man.

‘When the most unexpected thing happens’

You read about stalking happening to other people but never think it could happen to you – but it did and I was forced to contend with a relentless male, who had the resources to back up his cause. At the time I had very little support and live in a country where stalking laws are in need of an update.  My life was consumed with police and keeping this person at a distance. And as time passed it was evident this man was not about to give up especially since my lesbian romance had ended in tears.  A kind of stalemate ensued, as I tried to move on with my life, while he worked hard to contain it. Now I can be just as determined when it comes to knowing what is right for me but over the years, the constant battle weakened me but not my resolve to be a lesbian and woman whose right to choose was untethered. I suffered hardship and pain until I found my strength again and moved to a small town where I gained new friendships, in a community of town folk who had many of their own stories to tell. Prior to this, I lived in the city but after seeing a home for sale in my current town, I felt compelled to take a leap of faith into the unknown. In years to come I would understand what motivated me, to make such a drastic change.

‘Further, than the eye can see’

You see this is a town that has known the best and worst of times and I can see how the enduring attitude of the people, rubbed off on me and somehow toughened me up without losing the gentle essence of who I am. For the next six years, there were ups and downs as the story I was hoping to leave behind, found me again. Somewhere in the mix, I began searching for a deeper meaning to ‘life love and liberty,’ as I have always believed in god but not necessarily religions. I joined an online group that was the perfect fit for my core beliefs and desire for spiritual truth. The transition was easy as I had been in the church system but was not enthralled by the teachings. Although the church welcomed the fact I am gay, I was wanting a group that would empower and enlighten my re-incarnated soul. A  place where imagery of planetary motions like retrogrades and eclipses elevated my internal realm. I knew there was a spirituality, that not only welcomed all souls regardless of color, creed, and sexuality but was cohesive with Eastern philosophies and reincarnation. In my younger years, I read every book that showcased the lost city of Atlantis – visions of life after death, psychic gifts, astrology, and conspiracy theories about Aliens and government experiments.

‘Behind the curtain of creation’

I was sold on the idea, our world was a stage for the true mysteries of the universe, so the natural progression was to be awakened to a loving, higher consciousness where angels and guides would take my hand, on this ever-evolving adventure. I came to this place of awakening as a woman in need of healing and now appreciate the power of animating a light-themed life with reverence for a creator of eternal love. I am also grateful to have found myself again and re-united with my endearing gay self. When we suppress ‘who we are’ for whatever reason, we are not living our authentic truth. I literally stopped being gay for a time when I did not want to provoke my pursuer. Instead, I fed into the fear and became captive in a mental prison of my own making. I was so tired of being afraid, I began walking every day and as I got fit and met people on my path, a new attitude evolved. It is so easy to get stuck in a pattern of helplessness until we find that point of change and for me, it was walking and I still do it every day. For anyone caught in a web of despair, I recommend finding ways to uplift your soul, even if it is as simple as walking, jogging, or working with something that ignites your passion.

‘The divine lesbian feminine’

It can be a light-bulb moment or that inner voice urging us to take action and re-claim the right to live a life of our wildest dreams. I have also come to realize that some of the most compassionate souls carry a blazing light of beauty that too often, is put to the test. I was and the more resistance to being me, the stronger my aim was to embrace my uniqueness. I love being gay and a soul on earth at this time of change and ascension. We grow up with a measure of worth as to what is considered the NORM and then choose to either follow in the steps of many or be a change-maker with their own groove. We are drawn to these icons of AWESOME daring enough to carve out a niche of valor that is unique and original. And this is what we came to earth for. To experience and expand our perception of purpose. A passion that brings happiness to our souls and life. After all, we are sparkles of a divine creator who hand-crafted a universe of light and unconditional love. To perform the mundane will not excite your soul nor encourage growth and inspired connections. Instead, there will be a nagging voice that negates your chosen path of mediocrity. I love asking people what their dreams are and see they are often locked away In a place of forgetfulness, So often our lives are not our dreams, as the focus is what we are conditioned to believe we should do.

The Divine Lesbian Feminine

Lesbian Love

‘My lesbian sexual ID’

It can be difficult for a person to consider they may have been happier following the path of expansion. I am a dream-focused, kind of girl with a desire to reach out and touch a bold and bright opportunity, that will grow me and enhance my soul journey. The idea for this blog was furnished with love and a need to express my journey, as a spiritual, gay woman. My point of difference inspires me to bring balance to a discriminated world. When I moved to my town I did not reveal my sexuality right away and when I did the response was powerful. The town folk I knew did not challenge my sexual ID, in fact, they embraced my truth with grace. This could easily have been an experiment, in how certain sectors of humanity make judgments about people, based on their sexual preference, skin color, or religious stance before any knowledge of their character and soul worth. I have never been one for labels but deeply embrace the divine feminine I am with love and friendship for all males while knowing my heart is opened by the heart of another woman.  I feel blessed to be a divine feminine on this planet in a time of awakening and the “Aquarian Era Of Light.” In fact, I woke up just in time to herald this universal event of godly grandeur. It was prophesized that when the shift from the Piscean Age to Aquarius manifested, there would be an opportunity for man and womankind to create a new earth of freedom, cooperation, and peace,

‘Lesbians of the light’

Many of us have been sorely tested by society and religions that are softening but the core values of many denominations, endorse the belief that being gay is a sin and an affront to god. I have never felt this and see the majesty in being gay, a lesbian who aspires to INSPIRE all gay people to love themselves. The day I discovered I was more than just a human walking this earth was simply enchanting. This was the holy grail, the grand prize of spiritual bliss, a missing link I had known since childhood.  And here it was, inviting me to bathe in the light. With this perspective of all-knowing, there is a desire to illuminate dreams and purpose. I am a gay female who loves humanity and is here to break down the walls of bias. If we believe in reincarnation and that our lives are mapped-out before birth, then choosing to be gay is surely courageous. So many of us have left this world broken by the harsh words of others who were blinded by their prejudice. These are humans who cannot embrace gay, lesbian, or transgender, in fact, anyone who may threaten their vision of how a human should appear or act. Until unity is perceived as the ideal way to exist, we continue to separate from those – unlike us. Our world is torn apart by disparity and will always be till we feel each person is an offspring of a god. We are all from the same loving source and choose different roles for our journey on earth. Here we can be faced with hatred if we choose to love our own kind.

‘Authentically awesome – Divine lesbian’

I am a lesbian who is comfortable in her gay skin and at peace with her preference to intimately love women Not everyone agrees but I am an advocate for authenticity and feel empathy for gays who find it hard to accept their birthright. We are the souls who took the path of great resistance and came to be crucified by their critics. Is this a blight on an ancient species that has walked the earth for eons, yet still evaluates souls worth by the way they look or love? To love another is to see beauty without prejudice. And as each soul expands, the light switch to unity will power up a collective thought of peace and harmony. It may not happen overnight but our survival may depend on it. We can no longer sustain the pain of disinterest, as animals are endangered and resources are being murdered for monetary gain. Abuse is rampant in our world and anyone can be targeted. I choose the vibration of love, as its healing essence can move mountains and affect amicable change.

Author ~ Linda E Cole (The Divine Feminine)

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