Badass Lesbian Light-Body On Love’s Eternal Energy

Badass Lesbian Light Body On Lovs Eternal Energy

Some may think I have a rebel heart going against the belief of society but I know I am here to showcase the boundary lines, created by a human world that likes to fit people into categories. We are defined by our place of residence, birth, and cultural identity. Add to this the possibility of being gay, religiously defined, or of different color and the mind boggles, at how these tools of incarnation are perceived. Clear your mind for a moment and see a universe of souls wanting to know more, as a child does, and be aware Planet Earth is the place to go, Here there is human interaction, nature events, and the potential for the unexpected, Our earthly foundation is built on shaky ground as wars break out and epidemics corner our freedom of choice. What a dance of the soul this world provides, as we plan out the trip knowing we are in for one hell of a ride. My journey has been dramatic but the evolving result is I am awake and expanding in all directions.  When I woke up I felt the surge of source love, deep within. I came to earth, a star seed looking to help and honor the divine, a mighty creative force of magic and manifestation. I am the evolution of this icon that imagined a realm of planets where life flourishes in many different forms.

‘Our energy is a universal trademark’

My mission is to honor and share the light and love of god  This I do as a gay woman who knows the universe, has no prejudice for who I choose to love. I am a vehicle for requited universal love and generating it out to the world. I have also known the pain and harshness of others who are wounded deeply within. Our earthly world is an echo of anguish as unresolved hurt mars the potential for partnerships to endure. Generations of patterns are a legacy of dysfunction and until the lid is truly lifted on this recurring theme, our planet will heave under the weight of heartbreak. When we fall in love the emotions are intense and the reality of another soul’s true self can be masked. This is where feeling into your heart is a test of truth in discerning another’s intentions. In saying this I know from experience that this depth of emotion can bring us to a higher sense of our self and create awakenings that take us to new levels of awareness. The secret is not to give up on unity with a person that is matching us on a similar frequency This is where attraction lives and can be felt by both people no matter where they are in the world. Our energy is trademarked with a uniqueness of its own and its haunting overture will attract energies that recognize the tune.

‘Show me the way to Nirvana?’

This sparks interest between two souls who will feel the pull of desire and want to know more. In doing so the dynamic gets interesting, as it could indeed be love. What happens next depends on each soul’s evolution as a human navigating this earth. Along this perilous path, we attain a ton of thought and action patterns, that resist our potential for a happy, peaceful life. And that is what we as humans no matter our color, creed, or sexuality aspire to have. We walk through fire to know joy, love, and the stillness of tranquility while climbing mountains to achieve and feel the essence of being human here on earth. Our soul made choices as to how the journey would go, with roadblocks to enhance strength and heartbreak to enlighten love. Every step taken is a milestone for the soul, which is co-creating more awareness for the collective. I appreciate the path I have walked as a person who asks tough questions and opens her mind to answers. I am inquisitive and constantly in the flow of learning while accepting my role as a consul of source in a land of lost souls. Somewhere on the road to nirvana many of us were tripped up by the conditionings we received earlier in life..

‘Being yourself when others want you to be someone else’

With awareness, we start to see how we walk, talk and enact like the people who were influencers of our existence. These are the rulers of the world, guardians, peers, and those we often look up to as people who can show us what they have learned. Needless to say, we can be sidelined if we are not careful and lose ourselves in how others view life. Being yourself is paramount to soul growth and I for one am happy to be me, a divine, lesbian feminine who is connected lovingly to god and spreads her light wherever she goes. I have built up a repertoire of experience and feel good about this girl who has seen her share of tougher times but managed to retain her zest and love for life. We can walk in the shadow of others or step into our authentic selves. It may not be what some folk want to hear but I truly love being gay. It has given me a unique perspective and love for all people of difference. As a gay female, I am not anti-male, which for me would be like shunning half the population of the planet. We are all here for a divine purpose and to hopefully work harder at getting along as a human race. Instead of seeing myself as different from the rest, I see an intrepid, gay who applauds her soul for making this brave choice. Knowing my star-seed origin breeds a sense of acceptance in all I am and why I am here.

Badass Lesbian Light Body

‘The immortal ministry of god’

A lot of people feel hard done by when bad things happen to them and even though it seems harsh at the time, I view the bigger picture, of a soul wanting to seriously expand. In fact, the arrival of hardship can be an entry to soul expansion. For example, I recently endured heartbreak and the outcome was transformation. I am spiritual and have learned how to work through emotions that cut like a knife. I also seek out people who have expertise that can teach me how to navigate the unexpected and crueler aspects of life. I love to learn so I am open to guidance from those who honor my enlightenment. I am also aware that nothing happens by chance and is part of a soulful plan, designed for maximum growth. When I flow in awareness, I can pilot, life’s perfect storms. You see the love we feel for another, whether it be a friend, family member or lover always comes from source, (the bearer of life and all we see hear and feel.) Somewhere in the echelons of time, a consciousness said hello to itself and an idea was born, that set forth a surge of artistry. And with the wave of a magician’s wand, a universe emerged and an Eden, inspired planet, we call home. This is the ministry of source, a manifesto of love, in its purest form.

‘Souls fantastical time on earth’

You could say we are nomads and going more and more off the grid in our connection to god and each other. Our saving grace is ‘loves eternal energy,’ Source love is a power-pack of emotive bliss and when our hearts listen, we easily tune in. Imagine if we all endorsed this emotive light, that flows freely from source to those willing to receive. This is the path to unity, a state of being that allows us to see each other as a mirror of earthly circumstances. Are we all really that different? This journey of the soul can be a path of peril and super exciting. in fact, life is a gauntlet of experience. Some will hurt like hell while others have a feel-good factor, like falling in love. You can see why souls love the earth, as anything can happen and probably will. Take my life as an example. I have known plenty of heartaches but also a ton of joy. This benefits souls’ desire to grow and expand in unique and mind-blowing ways. Higher learning is the goal and life provides milestones and super-nova events. Think about our daily lives that challenge us to continually transform. Of course, there is an individual choice and the universal law of free will but as humans, we go through so much. from day to day and moment to moment.

‘Inducted into the light’

The eternal energy of love can bring us to our knees or serve as an archetype, for deeper soul analysis. My journey to awakening was littered with trauma and consequence. Life was a maze where monsters lurked in the shadows making my everyday a constant place of fear. Over time I gained momentum with strength and life-altering changes. My perception of life on earth altered as the reality we are not alone in this universe kicked in. This was a time of wonder and as I saw and felt more, my heart expanded with heavenly love. I always knew things were not as they seemed but the moment my eyes could see I was walking with awareness. I had plugged into a magician’s lair, the core of creation. I learned I had spirit guides and felt humbled by angels and a god that is all about love. My warrior days were numbered, as I went into battle, with a fresh perspective. It wasn’t easy to lay down my sword as the foe was still very real and ready to strike at any time. The more forward motion, the greater the resistance. Meanwhile, I was evolving, awakening, and evoking a puissance of light. My awakening caused an avalanche of evolution.

‘So I have lived many times before?’

I had always known this earth was only a part of the human story and the door opener to so much more. The confirmation was emotional, as I pieced together the puzzle of a lifetime. They say we are not supposed to recall our past lives so the journey of the soul is not affected by what went before. This was not the case for me as I kept having flashes of moments frozen in time and innate knowledge of mythical places like Atlantis. Knowing I am a star seed takes the guesswork out of my early belief we were not alone in the universe, while also being crystal clear about life after death and the continuous cycle of coming here to earth. It felt good to find answers to long-held questions about the meaning of this life and why I couldn’t settle for what I was told by the so-called seekers of knowledge. What I saw made sense and began a process of rethinking, all I had been told, influenced by, or programmed. it was easy to set myself free, as I already knew our world was a cloak for the main event. I can see why people on earth are stuck in an illusion when we believe the earth is the only orb, where life exists.

Badass Lesbian Light Body

Badass Lesbian Light Body On Loves Eternal Energy

‘I am gay, female, and tuned into source love’

This is a lonely thought and breeds a sense of aloneness in us as we try to make sense of why we are even here. We stumble, fall, and climb over each other searching for happiness to soothe our battered souls. You see the history of the earth is a bloody coup where wars are staged and mankind resists everything from change, to the inevitability of our own demise. With such a narrow vision we work with what we know and continually repeat the patterns of this life and past lives. When I heard the word ‘reincarnation’ I felt a light switch on. It can be as simple as that. One day you are searching in the woods for clues about human existence and a messenger appears to bring awareness and enlightenment. That’s how it felt when I heard a spiritual mentor talking about the path to Nirvana, cosmic energy, and a soul’s earthly trek. You can feel like you’ve been kissed by an angel when the epiphanies begin. What happens next is up to the individual but I personally live and breathe, the sweet embrace of source love, while aligning with my purpose as a gay, divine feminine. This pleases me as I celebrate and openly validate, my difference as a lesbian.

‘Walking the tightrope of duality’

My path has been a thin line between the dark and light so I have a healthy respect for the dual-edged sword of these polar opposites. Often life presents people who are here to show us the full scope of what is on offer and then we are faced with a choice and an assessment of our true values. Over the past thirty years, I have seen the beauty and bleakness of humanity and at this stage of healing and awareness, I feel aligned and ready for the next phase of my life. Everything that has happened brought me a new style of vision, externally and in the depths of my soul. I have fought the good fight and stayed true to my long-held value and principles. I often think without them I would be only a reflection of others and not my unique, star-seed self. Coming into authenticity has defined my life purpose as an ever-evolving soul. After all, we are a crazy mix of humans and connectedness to the emperor of all creation. Getting the balance is no easy feat, as we all know what living in this 3D realm can be like. it never stops surprising us with births, deaths, love, and heartbreak. The latter has been a recurring theme for me so it is clear my purpose is to show others how to love. The good news is I seem to have an overflowing of love and compassion to offer this world plus the beauty of being a gay person on a planet that shies away from anything that can’t be easily labeled.

‘In 2022 we still dishonor difference?’

I believe I am here to help integrate source love into the hearts of those wanting to feel the uplift. I am also a vehicle for empathy and gently helping others to see that being gay is part of a soul journey and choice. I love being this badass lesbian light being that was enlisted to promote new thinking. It takes a tough sole to endure the blame of difference even when they love who they are. Our world is in overdue mode when it comes to releasing the age-old convictions of racism, segregation, separatism, and hating on those, that is somehow not like the rest. And there are centuries of hardship to prove it. As I evolve my life vista is up for review. I question everything and dig into the mantras held in regard to my philosophy on life. The gap between people, animals, the planet, and god seems unjumpable but in saying that I feel we can bring humanity back to a community closeness many of us grew up with. A sanctity where neighbors knew each other on a first-name basis and lent a helping hand. Ironically I re-discovered this theme of comradery after moving to a country town where the art of friendliness is heartening.

‘Who cares if you are different – We are all from source love!’

Most of the town folk know I am gay and don’t seem to care either way. The good-natured vibes in my town are refreshing and a mirror to a world that sees distance as the norm. Interacting with others from a place of soul sincerity opens a pathway to unity. it is here we align with source love and the capacity to feel union with all who inhabit the earth. I often imagine how an alien on a faraway star system might view us here. They may see a troubled system where the people known as humans, seem in opposition. The planet itself has been ravaged as have the animals and earth dwellers. It may be apparent to this alien we are a species on the edge of awakening but still detached from each other and the universe itself. The alien’s view is also mine as there are indeed many awakened souls but (and there is a but) we still hold judgment, in regard to color, sexuality, and culture. My purpose is to spread a little joie de vivre as a lesbian and woman who desires to live in a world, where the spotlight is ablaze with acceptance. We can’t change personal ideals overnight, as they have been generationally ingrained as repetitive, belief modules. It would seem our world has a cognitive head space of sustained actions, thoughts, and philosophy but with awareness, we can ignite the specter of change. Let’s get started!

Author: Linda E Cole (The Divine Feminine)