Same-Sex Soulmates Are Real

Same-Sex Soulmates

Same-Sex Lesbian Soulmates Are Real

Same-Sex Lesbian Soulmates Are Real

For those wondering how two people can meet as both women or men under the guise of a twin flame or soulmate, the answer is simply a matter of the soul and choices made before the adventure to Planet Earth. The name of the game in this starlit realm is to learn, grow and reach a plateau of advancement or enlightenment. And it’s not always with the classic boy and girl storyline. instead, this romantic tale can be two women or men, who see the same beauty desire and love in each other. The world is still getting to know the allure of gay attraction but in the end, the soul decides and sets on a journey of expansion. What a soul may not comprehend is the judgment that could be placed on them by parents and society at large for daring to be different. This can cause a sensitive soul to suffer under a wave of opinion fueled by eons of bias and religious stances. Either way, it takes a brave soul to fly the flag of  ‘free will’ while honoring the right to be human and gay. Understanding the depth of soulmates and how we meet on the earthly plane requires an open mind and delving into the enigma of reincarnation. A pathway to immortality where we recognize ourselves as part of greater awareness. This is the home of consciousness, God, the all, divine or source. The choice of name or label is yours but the spirit of knowing we have been born of a creator allows the most beautiful insight into a magical world of the supernatural.

‘Is this a karmic relationship?’

Before we come to this paradisal island sidled up to other planets in the cosmos there are contracts signed that determine the souls we are likely to meet and fall in love with. Some may be of the karmic kind sent to teach us valuable lessons on the path to higher learning. We can all probably verify life in a karmic relationship known to stretch our ability to grow and expand. But some karmic situations test the hell out of us with unjust abuse and aggravation. You see karmic partnerships are only meant to be temporary but in a world that defines marriage as a forever bond, we stay, even if the love has died. Learning this made inroads into my understanding of past relationships as light-bulb moments led me to the reasons why they even happened. It is all about the lessons and nothing provides quite as dramatically as a karmic union where the interactions can run from manipulative interplay to love in its most dysfunctional form. The irony is you might feel this person is your long-lost soulmate as the early days of the connection could be highly charged and sexual. It is only when the cracks start to form you’ll know it is karmic, which could feel like a cruel trick from the universe, especially if you love this person. And it is then depending on how spiritually awake you are your intuition will kick in and let you know there is something a bit off  At first the chemistry may seem out of this world with an intensity only marred by the hit-and-miss vibes of the overall relationship.

‘Lessons learned universe. Please bring me my soulmate!’

Trouble seems to plague a karmic soulmate setting and it can inspire co-dependency with its push-and-pull dynamic leading to continual break-ups and make-ups. In fact, karmic unions can be exhausting but the prime reason is to teach us what we came to earth to learn. For example, if we wanted to know more about true love a rocky karmic relationship could reveal the opposite of a peaceful, harmonious union based on self-love and mutual admiration. As humans we are conditioned to make relationships work but staying put in a partnership that does not serve your higher path or demeans you in any way is not healthy or constructive. if you feel your spirit dying from within it is time to leave and heal from the experience. Your soul came to gain wisdom in many things and the journey can at times seem tough but I have learned it is all ‘par for the course’ and the experience will add layers of texture to your soul’s repertoire and lifetimes of knowledge. We are in essence a computer of infinite files stored for future reference on our way to enlightenment. If the idea of meeting a karmic now scares you to death you might be ready to meet a soulmate instead. This is a person that crosses your path and seems strangely familiar even if you have never met them. (That is not in this life anyway). It is your soul that recognizes another soul destined to be a family member, friend, or lover.

Same-Sex Soulmates Are Real

Same-Sex Soulmates Are Real

‘The signature of soulmate love’

Imagine meeting a soul to who you may have once been married and had children born out of this divine love? Finding each other again would be a cause for celebration as the stars align to bring the light of the past into the present day. And how beautiful this universe is that in perfect timing allows soulmates to reunite. It is as though worlds collide when two souls become aware they have a history that could span back thousands of years. I personally feel blessed I have reached a point of growth that will herald in my soulmate I have loved perhaps many times before. This time they will be female as an I am a gay woman who desires a union with her own kind. In other lives, we may have interchanged as a divine masculine or feminine and possibly two men or women. The universe knows no prejudice when it comes to sexual preference for it is the free will of a soul when preparing its journey onto the earth plane. Contracts are made and souls take their place on a worldly stage waiting for the perfection of divine timing when they are destined to meet. Not only can a soul choose to reignite the passion with a soulmate in a same-sex form they could also come from completely different cultures and places of origin. You may find your soulmate in another country as the universe has no distinction about location when these two powerful energies feel the frequency of each other.

‘An awakened lesbian on an intimate soul journey of adventure’

It is a  little like kismet as the vibrations of both hear the call and send signals to a soul they know so well. They may not look like they did in previous lives with different colored hair or eyes but the attraction will be strong as it comes from the soul who feels the pull of desire. The allure of interest will be undeniable and probably inescapable for both soulmates. At this point, I would like to say you can meet a soulmate who is of the same sex and is open to a romantic relationship. Doctrines on earth do not always share my belief but as a lesbian, I have experienced this and know we come to this planet in many forms to feel, touch, and embrace various styles of unions. Souls love adventure and Earth provides plenty of opportunities to action an idea that demands deeper insight and observation. In my case, I wanted to embrace authenticity so choose a path of resistance as a lesbian. In saying that I am happy I did as the revelations of being supposedly different have reaped rewards in cosmic comprehension. I accept who I am as a spiritual lesbian who has navigated many of life’s hardships and come out the other side filled with the light of source. I get the lessons and although they were more testing than imaginable, my heart is open to a future yet to be revealed. I know how hard the concept of us being a soul and on an expedition of discovery is for many to perceive. But when I woke up it was crystal clear life had changed forever. It was a moment I will never forget as the veil lifted on my newfound soul and the light came to say hello.

‘A divine meeting of soulmates’

Having traveled through a few churches in a bid to find God I knew instinctively this was the main event. A god who transcended any earthly restriction as an emblem of peace. I was home and it felt safe, a sanctuary of free-flowing love connecting my human façade with cosmic consciousness. I had waited a long time to find a universal truth, and here it was. My awakening was seriously one of the most special days of my life and has since governed every action, thought, and creation my soul was inspired to conjure. It’s a different world and I love every day in it. As when we are aware so is our perspective of all we see and think we know. For example, my vision of relationships was like most. You feel the attraction and want to know more and what follows could be love or even marriage. If this sounds like your dream come true you are probably in good company. As I love the fairy-tale vibe but am aware there are issues like compatibility that are not always addressed. And further into the relationship,  you could end up wondering who the imposter is in your bed. The euphoric buzz of meeting another woman who feels, the way you do is an honor in itself and with billions of people on Planet Earth, the chances of crossing paths with a soulmate of substance or twin flame are literally written in the stars. You both agreed to reunite in this life and decided upon this blessing as a way to empower, advance, and expand as souls. We find each other when we are ready to receive and have worked on our personal evolution through healing and self-improvement.

‘The universal legacy of romantic love’

This opens a universal door to a romantic union that is gifted with a divine purpose. Soulmates often show up when one of them needs help and their instant attraction is evident as you feel bringing like the potential of heaven to earth. an easy affinity you may not have known with other romantic partners.  Like twin flames, there is a mirrored effect that highlights unhealed trauma and the way to higher consciousness. Unlike karmic unions that can feel like chaos has entered your life, a soulmate brings peace and unity. it is what we all aspire to and when it happens we feel the generous spirit of another soul who sees and gets us. Imagine a universe where love is the heartbeat inspiring a legacy of soulmates who bring the potential of heaven to earth. The synchronization of souls lining up in each lifetime as romantic partners whether they be karmic, soulmate or twin flame is a divine orchestration gifted by the divine to their beloved offspring. The wheels of forwarding movement are instigated by manifestation and thought along with the universal helpers who hear the whispers of a soul desiring the physical appearance of another soul who is akin to their heartbeat and energetic frequency. It is a fact we can learn, grow and expand through the worst and BEST of times. I have seen the former promote my eternal path and now crave the abundance of loving alliances that will propel me to the next level of soul artistry

‘Twin flames are rare and real’

I am aware of this and know instinctively you can attain a consciousness of mastery through experiences that heighten your vibration and entwine you with soul partnerships that exude the grandeur of love. Many non-believers will say soulmates are not real but from my own experience, I can say I believe them to be true. The instant identity recognition is profound and as you get to know your twin flame or high-level soulmate your soul smiles. It’s the little things mirroring between you both that highlight sameness or similarity. You suddenly understand the magic of this universe and how people are walking the planet with the same soul as yours. Meeting my twin flame was a moment of madness and intense love as it was clear they had the same soul as me. There may have been an age gap and different views on many things but the feeling of connectedness was real. I watched many a time as my twin lived through things I already had and felt helpless I could not make it better for them. As an awakened soul, I knew I could not alter their path but it wasn’t easy seeing them stumble as lessons were being learned. We have separated many times and I am told by those who dedicate this incarnation to the twin flame journey that this is an illusion. You see twin flames share the same soul so are never really apart. Sometimes the course of life can indeed keep them separated but somewhere deep in the crevices of their hearts, they know they are never alone. Whatever one feels so does the other, which can be tough at times because they are energetically in sync. I am grateful I know my twin and although we are not together draw solace in the fact they exist and they are proof love is the source of all things.

~And there they were so familiar and somehow right. A heartfelt pull from an unknown past. Here to ignite a love always eternally known~

Author ~ Linda E Cole (The Divine Feminine)