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lesbian couples

‘Love is the divine soul of our universe’

A consciousness of pure purpose and light garnished with loving intent for their masterful creations we know as humans who dwell on a planet of desire and dreams. A garden of infinite beauty where love dwells in the hearts of man and womankind as conditional, unlike the creational plan of infinite and limitless. Through the ages, we have accumulated a ton of programming that feeds into our mind’s conditional thinking in all areas of our lives including how we love and navigate our emotional experiences. The human psyche is like a storage room of past trauma, happenings, and loves we thought were ‘the one’ but turned out to be a karmic experience of stormy magnitude. A mash-up of drama, euphoria, great sex, and conflict. Whether you are heterosexual or same-sex orientation, the song remains the same. Karmic interludes test your ability to transcend unhealthy attitudes in relationships and the part you play in them. Forest fires burn in your grand love affair as tactics like control, manipulation, and abuse crash and burn the initial spark that attracted you to a new lesbian or bisexual lover.  What happens next is an emotive pullback from one or both partners confused by the level of dysfunction and having no clue how to repair the incompatible split. This dynamic is not unusual in heterosexual and same-sex relationships in a world of themes taught by parents and all-knowing relatives. These influencers planted the seeds of malfunction through the example of their partnerships based on what they inherited from their role models and generations that came before. Armed with little knowledge of what makes a union healthy, we fall in love and then dive into a same-sex relationship without prior knowledge of what our beloved has learned from their family’s positive or negative interactions. Love etiquette defines how we treat each other and ourselves in a romantic union where two people hear the frequency call that magnetizes their hearts to a place of remembrance. This may come in the way of soul mates who show us how to feel through the power of emotion and in this arena of feelings, we find our true essence unless we have chosen to understand pain and the art of healing through karmic unions. Here to teach us self-love and release outdated thinking. Every habit or pattern added is always up for review and when we do the work, our soul feels the energetic freedom.

‘My soul has given me experience and a kindness that shines from within’

I feel good knowing I have a compassionate lesbian heart and a spirit inspired to give. I have walked through the fire of darkness and come back to tell the tale. Surviving a journey through the underworld adds character, strength, and growth. There is a resilient belief in your power and certainty you will prevail. All the things that have happened to my life are part of a bigger story, orchestrated before I was born, as I wrote a script for the life I would lead, in human form on Planet Earth. In this storyline were the friends, lovers, and family I was destined to meet and grow from their unique interactions. Through the mysterious medium of reincarnation I have come to appreciate the grandeur of this cosmic creation and how we get to meet people we may have been in love with from former lives. You know when you meet that special; one as your heart feels the unforgettable tale of romance. The emotion is undeniable and the more connected you are the stronger the magnetic pull. This is the glory of a creator who imagined such things and manifested them effortlessly into reality. The divine has a romantic spirit that inspires the most radiant of love as unconditional and always available for those who shake off the rigid vision of love often played out on this planet. Our global home is holding space for this higher love amidst the measure of well-earned patterns that crush the spirit of love with false chronicles that require a partner to be controlled, abused, or co-dependent. The level of persuasive intent manufactured from eons of loving another the way our mother loved our father or religion dictated it should be has twisted the narrative away from the original incentive of unconditional love. The source of true power and ability to reach into the soul of another with no restriction. We are masked with a deficit of fear and an inability to express what our heart secretly knows and desires. Our love is tempered and when two people feel the majestic light of love they often stay guarded as a way to protect the brokenness created over time. This disallows the young lesbian to abandon her armor of protection and offer a small gift of love as she fears the backlash of heartbreak the way her father felt when his wife cheated and walked away from the family unit. These memories are potent and unalive the freedom to love with wild abandon and intimacy. The intense emotive closeness we all long for but hold at bay as the subconscious alarms ring loudly reminding us of how love can be painful and hurt. We are creatures of habit and continue to endorse the negative patterns of love etiquette brought forth by the conditioned thoughts we protect as if our lives depend on it. When in fact it is these defeatist views of how we navigate love that prevent us from loving unconditionally in the most divine and free-spirited way.

lesbian couples

‘This often requires healing the wounds inflicted by those who were walking a path of self-sabotage in the name of unrequited love’

As humans, we hold on tight to the programs instilled by those closest to us never questioning whether they make sense or not. This is the hard wiring of humanity that needs to awaken so the purest form of creational love can flood the earth healing the ancestral wounding we deliver to each generation through our genetics marred by a fake impression of how we love. The challenge is to explore our inner sanctum where healthy love etiquette has been poisoned by the trauma of childhood neglect, abuse, or past love destruction. The hurts of yesterday cut deep and if not attended will bleed into your current relationship choices. You see the allure is karmic and in place for mutual healing as each person reflects the wounding in the other. When these two lovers collide the vibration of shared hurts can create a bond of trauma that feels like love. There is something so familiar in the attraction they are drawn together without understanding why. There may be a sense of true love but the shared and unresolved abuse both people have endured will rise to the surface begging to be nurtured and healed. If not the play of programs could be greater than the willingness to restore internal health. For some, it may be painful to find themselves face to face with a narcissist spawned by the internalizing of earlier trauma causing the shutdown of their heart and capacity to feel empathy. This is a closed door that can only opened by bringing forth the original sin with a trained therapist as narcissism can be a lifelong condition. The heartbreak that can ensue from falling under the spell of a seasoned narcissist who may seek control of their partner can be devastating for the one who did not see the signs. The truth is it’s difficult to see what lies beneath a mask your new love may be wearing to reel you in. The fallout from this unconscious union is a lesson in discernment as we walk through the fire of red flags and stand too close to the flames. Relationships are challenging and a test often of what we think we know. With little knowledge of the patterns we might encounter in ourselves and others, we walk blindfolded into minefields of tactics that bruise the heart and self-esteem. With so much dissension in the ranks of lesbian and bisexual unions, we see the value of a woman’s worth entangled in her ancestral lineage of unhealthy behavior heralded in through eras of female submission and expectations supplemented by societal pressures of how a woman should conduct herself in times where her value was diminished. It is hardly surprising we fall into the traps of self-sacrifice when for centuries our female counterparts played the role of compliance.

‘We need to forgive our divine feminine selves for enacting our ancestral DNA when we allow a woman to control our every move or bow to the abuse bestowed upon us’

It’s an age-old issue that continues to deter feminine, same-sex relationships from attaining a higher frequency of love. A consciousness of purity and free-spirited exchange blessed with an intimacy only attainable when two souls are authentically aligned with themselves and each other, The light of love and truth shines brightly on this union as each partner has a deeper wisdom of what makes a healthy relationship work and how we have at some time been burdened by patterns handed down or acquired by parental or lover abuse. We live in an internally injured world highlighted by the continuance of dysfunctional themes that create an aura of suffering as people on Earth try to navigate love from a place of hurt and past wound hauntings. The ghosts of our subconscious greet us with triggers when we emotionally connect with another soul who has similar upset stashed away in the recesses of their psyche until a karmic lover arrives to aid in the healing or create a loop of never-ending anguish. Sadly the latter is more often the case and the reason is a lack of knowing why they feel the way they do. Lesbian couples are not immune to the karmic entanglements that leave each partner wondering how love slipped so silently away amid the collision of incompatibility and strife. A classic combo in relationships that lack a solid foundation to build on. You see falling in love is an insatiable desire we all share to unite with one another most eloquently and intimately. A birthright offered unconditionally by a divine spirit whose romanticism we feel when our eyes meet a stranger across a crowded room evoking a feeling of familiarity and closeness. As love blooms like a flower meeting the morning sun on a warm spring day, our hearts are enlivened and enriched with the prosperity and optimism we have met someone of significance. A magical emotion that can only be translated as the purest meaning of our soulful, human lives. Love is amazing but comes with conditions and these may include the wanting of one person to control or verbally curse the other. This is how the ambiance of love is altered when the cracks begin to show and love is officially a testing ground of each partner’s ability to transcend the patterns formed from past events often so traumatic they have etched their influence into the human psyche. And why I am an advocate for basic training in psychology so karmic interactions do not escalate to the point of no return or cause the demise of what seemed a promising love story.

lesbian couples

‘These karmic partnerships have immense value and can heal the wounds of this life and past in the midst of what might seem like a battlefield of amour’

These conflicted lovers may part in anger not knowing their issues ran deeper than the Nile River and paved the way for this unhappy ending. A split that may not have been necessary had there been a greater insight available in terms of psychological know-how. Armed with a toolkit of answers to past trauma questions the light might shine brighter on a same-sex karmic union that fell apart due to patterns that were entrenched into the hearts and subconscious of one or both partners. Instead, there is anger, confusion, and heartbreak. A common karmic reaction to issues that need the gentle hand of healing so each party is aware of what happened earlier in their life and how it is impacting their current relationships. The ABC law of attraction is often weaponized with traits picked up by the broken hearts of parents and peers showing up in a lesbian couple dynamic as remnants of sexual assault or programs played out by guardians who present the darker side of love as emotional and physical abuse.  In a world of diverse attitudes and ideals, it is not surprising we breathe in the rhetoric or actions of others as good or bad although they are merely perspectives honoring a universe of distinct contrast. Where there is dark there is also light and as the sun lights up the day the moon governs the darkness of night. This universe has a precise order that qualifies difference as the curiosity of a creator who saw the beauty of a planet inhabited by people of various looks, cultural stances, belief systems, and sexuality. The latter is my calling as a lesbian who embraces her desire to love another woman romantically and sexually. There are many ways I can do this through the medium of a learning karmic relationship, soulmate, or a rare twin flame that encompasses one soul meeting a mirror of their own soul here on earth. An experience not for the faint-hearted as you encounter yourself in human form. This cosmic union is made in the stars of unconditional love with the challenge to match each other’s unique and divinely orchestrated frequency on a higher level of spiritual consciousness.  Lesbian couples blessed with this exacting blueprint will light up the world with their holy presence if they can make it through the enchanted forest of karmic chaos gathered from earlier interactions.

‘These chosen ones from the halls of creation are the creme de la creme of relationships designed in the spirit of higher love as a shining example of how stellar divine love is’

Sidling up to the lesbian or bisexual twins are the goddesses of a high-level soulmate connection who have come to a place of spiritual and human maturity by attaining their stripes as up-market heavenly messengers from past lives ready to take the stage as a divine couple in their current incarnation. A deeper understanding of the path they have already walked and their psychological self allows this same-sex couple the beauty of a partnership that transcends the karmic platform of learning as they transmute their life hurts with healing, The high-level soulmate alliance has a purity that can only come from doing the inner work required by each partner to ascend to a vibration divine enough to be heard by another through the energetic waves of time. LGBT lesbian couples who attain this level of New Earth love are the hallmarks of healthy and happy relationships. A beacon of light needed on a -planet of painful same-sex relationships marred by the shadow of prejudice and bias. My lesbian and bisexual sisters are weighed down by societal and religious viewpoints that can impede a loving coalition here to inspire empathy for what is deemed different or unique. I am a lesbian empress of light who has reached into her inner spirit and transgressed the programs motivated by people’s limiting beliefs and ethics instilled by ancestors throughout Earth’s history. Some of us have arrived to smash the paradigms of predisposed ideas about same-sex relationships and how romantic karmic unions are the mainstay as opposed to divine partnerships. Relationship Nirvana is achievable by LGBT lesbian couples and the way forward in understanding we can live the life of our dreams with a partner that ticks all the boxes of a compatible soulmate free of the karmic zone as she has met her shadows and waved the wand of healing across all aspects of her early trauma. This divine feminine is a sparkling role model of hope for a globe entrenched in relationships that are embedded with classic programs of control, co-dependence, and physical and emotional abuse brought about by hurt people who passed their pain to another setting up a human pattern of dysfunction. It’s time to turn the wheel and purify the brokenness of this conditioned planet. That is by seeking help from trained therapists or learning how others healed their programs of impaired thinking due to repressed emotions caused by damage inflicted by another’s inability to heal their own hurts. It’s cyclical and ever-increasing, but we can shift this heaviness by understanding why we feel the way we do and how we can stop bleeding out from our constant wounding. This is how we climb the ladder to relationships that glisten with love, peace, and contentment. Let us LGBT lesbians and bisexuals change the way we perceive love. It is an inside job and requires an introspective look at our negative habits and patterns so we can heal and move on to stronger and more intimate alliances with soulmates who have also delved into their shadows. It is then we rise above the vision of karmic turbulence. The mainstay on planet Earth and in our same-sex relationships. The wheel is turning and opening the gates to healing and a desire for higher-level romances that offer counterparts the beauty of a mature and loving union steeped in the divinity of unconditional love and light.

Author ~ LInda E Cole {The Divine Feminine}

‘Lesbian and bisexual twin flame and high-level soulmate relationships all have a unique love etiquette of their own ~ The quest is to walk through the fields of karmic and ascend to a higher love. ~ An internal land of love and New Earth’

















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